20 January 2007

Link of the day: "Can't Get No Satisfaction"

I found a really interesting article about burnout in the New York magazine (via 43Folders), which ties in nicely with one of my previous posts. The basic idea is that burnout is caused by the "gap between expectation and reward," or on the flip side, "happiness is reality divided by expectation."

Here's an thought-provoking quote:
“In seminary,” he suddenly says, “I did a bit of depth psychology.” DeGarmo had never studied it before. He was assigned Memories, Dreams, Reflections, and found himself beguiled by Carl Jung’s theories about the opposing parts of our personalities. “I remember Jung saying that the general trajectory of your life is to work to your strength in your younger life, going great guns to establish yourself at whatever you’re doing,” he continues. “But at some point in midlife, the other part of your personality—the feminine instead of masculine, or whatever other opposing trait—is looking for expression. And if you don’t allow it to express itself, you’re not, in effect, going to become a whole person. Brittle is the word he uses.”

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