20 April 2007

Even keel

"He [Goalie coach Warren Strelow] was a great guy," the goalie [Evgeni Nabokov] said with visible emotion following the Sharks' morning warm-up session. "He helped me learn not to feel too much high or too much down after one game or even one period."

Stay on even keel, Strelow would tell Nabokov. Keep a cool head through the craziness. Later in the day, no advice would come in more handy.
“Obviously you’re not happy anytime you’re not playing,” said [Mark] Bell. “I’m sure other guys are chomping at the bit to get in. You try not to be too mad and stay even keel. My chance will come again. They made the decision that will be best for the team.”

These were a few quotes from San Jose Sharks players during their current playoff series against the Nashville Predators. I've talked a bit with one of my friends about the ups and downs of research. Actually, mostly downs. The majority of the time you're stuck going nowhere and not making progress. Ironically, when you make a breakthrough, it passes very quickly. So you have to keep your emotions neutral. It seems that the hockey term for this philosophy is "even keel". As I get through my "rookie" years in science, I hope I'll learn to stay on an even keel.

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