05 February 2008

Children and art

I'm finding that Sondheim musicals are a wonderful way to reflect upon your own life. From Into the Woods, I thought about my parents, the lessons they taught me, and how occasionally their words backfire on their intentions. Didn't they know that all that emphasis on books and not socializing was going to push me towards academia and not towards a profession like law or medicine? The Baker and Cinderella claim that "No One is Alone", but in my experience, I've found that's not really true. Sometimes you just can't share your feelings with people. It would drive them away or worry them. So you have to keep living your life, alone. From Sweeney Todd, I thought about the nature of insanity (I wonder, did my mind ever crack?) and the desire to let your rage go (in the past, I have wanted to lash out at people now and then, but now I can just listen to "Epiphany" instead). From Company, I learned that you have to face life and really live it because "Being Alive" is better than being alone. I went through a period where a lot of people hurt me and for a while, I just didn't want to talk to anyone. But now things are better. I talk to strangers, hang out with friends occasionally. Emotionally I might be somewhere between "Marry Me A Little" and "Being Alive."

According to Sunday in the Park with George, the only things that last are "Children and Art." I have hardly done any research in the past two years. I feel like George in "Lesson #8".
George looks within.
George is adrift.
George goes by guessing.
George looks behind.
He had a gift.
When did it fade?
You wanted people out
Strolling on Sunday-
Sorry, Marie...

See George remember how George used to be,
Stretching his vision in every direction.
See George attempting to see a connection
When all he can see
Is maybe a tree-
The family tree-
Sorry, Marie...

George is afraid.
George sees the park.
George sees it dying.
George too may fade,
Leaving no mark,
Just passing through.
Just like the people
Out strolling on Sunday...

Crap! Get going, kiddo. Do your physics or you'll fade, too!

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