30 March 2009

Song of the day: "The Girl in 14G" by Jeanine Scanlon and Dick Tesori

I'm on a huge Kristin Chenoweth kick. She's amazing. Cute, charming, beautiful, gorgeous voice... who can ask for anything more? I've never seen anyone's charisma just pop out of the screen like that. She looks radiant in every photo taken of her, as if she was born in the spotlight. Check out her hilarious performance of "The Girl in 14G" with the Boston Pops.
I just moved in to 14G
So cozy, calm, and peaceful
Heaven for a mouse like me
With quiet by the lease-full
Pets are banned parties too
And no solicitations
Window seat with garden view
A perfect nook to read a book
I'm lost in my Jane Austen when I hear

[Dramatic opera]

Say it isnt so
Not the flat below
From an opera wanna be
In 13G
A matinee of Socantota
Wagner's Ring
And Traviata

[Dramatic opera]

My first night in 14G
I'll put up with Puccini
Brew myself a cup of tea
Crochet until shes fini
Half past eight
Not a peep
Except the clock tick-tockin
Now I lay me down to sleep
A comfy bed to rest my head
A stretch, a yawn, I'm almost gone when

[Scatting noisily]

Now the girl upstairs
Wakes me unawares
Blowing down from 15G
Her revelry
She's scattin' like her name is Ella
Guess who answers a cappella

[escalating transitions between scatting and opera]

Im not one to
Raise my voice
Make a fuss
Or speak my mind
But might I query
Would you mind if
Could you kindly

That felt good

13, 15, 14G
A most unlikely trio
No quite three part harmony

All day and night we're singing
[All three sing]

I've had my fill of peace and quiet
Shout out loud, "I've changed my diet!"
All because of

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