02 August 2009

Canon SD870 IS little-known features

  • If you press "display" while in playback mode, you can see a histogram and "blinkies" for overblown highlights.
  • There is a panning mode for the image stabilizer.
  • There is a slow synchro flash mode.
  • Holding the shutter button halfway and pressing the macro/landscape button locks autofocus (AFL).
  • Holding the shutter button halfway and pressing the ISO button locks exposure (AEL).
  • You can register the useless print button to a useful function like exposure compensation.
  • It's possible to set custom white balance. I tried the Expodisc with the camera and it worked! You just have to hold the Expodisc over the lens, which is a bit awkward but not too bad.
I didn't realize it but many of the Canon dSLR features (e.g. histogram, AEL, AFL, custom white balance) are built into this little Powershot camera! I just didn't know about these advanced features until I started doing SLR photography.

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