18 August 2010

How to get a feel for the controls on a camera

The most important aspect of a camera is whether you are comfortable holding it and changing its settings. When buying a camera with manual controls (whether it is film or digital, point-and-shoot or SLR), you should go to a store and try it out.

At store, this is what you should try:
  1. Go into aperture mode and try changing the aperture.
  2. Try changing the ISO.
  3. Try changing the autofocus mode.
  4. Try changing the white balance mode.
  5. Try changing the exposure compensation (+/-).
  6. Go into manual mode and try changing aperture and shutter speed.
Do you have a good grip on the camera when you are shooting and when you are changing the settings? These are all important considerations because if you're not physically comfortable with the camera, you shouldn't buy it.

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