14 May 2011

It's the finish that matters

This year's NHL playoffs were remarkable in that two teams went up 3-0 in a seven game series, lost the next 3 games, and then came back to win the last game and the series. The Vancouver Canucks narrowly escaped with victory over the Chicago Blackhawks in Round 1 and the San Jose Sharks finally managed to close out the Detroit Red Wings in Round 2.

Here's what the Canucks had to say before Game 7 against the Blackhawks:
We've got to win one game, and if you do that, everything else is forgotten. Everyone else is going to forget about losing three games in a row. They're going to forget about taking this to Game 7. They're going to forget everything. We see it as a one-game series.
- Henrik Sedin, captain of the Vancouver Canucks
Here's what the Sharks coaching staff and players had to say after losing Game 6 against the Red Wings:
Doesn't matter how we got here, it really doesn't. What matters is how it ends, and that's how we'll approach it.
- Todd McLellan, head coach of the San Jose Sharks

Everybody was counting Vancouver out. I kinda predicted Vancouver would beat them in seven. It was a close one, but they found a way to win – and that’s all we’re looking for.
- Dan Boyle, alternate captain for San Jose Sharks

I was following these stories in the news and it seemed like after the Sharks and Canucks dropped Game 6, some of the media talked as if it was all over for those teams, as if the world was going to end (particularly for the Canucks). But now no one really cares; everyone has moved on to discussing the Canucks-Sharks Western Conference final.

In the end, it's the finish that people remember. Regardless of other people, it's the finish that you will remember.

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