03 June 2011

Song of the day: "Too Many Mornings" by Stephen Sondheim

This is a bittersweet duet between a couple. The man realizes that he's been fantasizing about a girl that's a figment of his imagination instead of living life with the girl that's right in front of him.

A beautiful duet that is well-suited for operatic singing.

From the musical Follies

Too many mornings
Waking and pretending I reach for you,
Thousands of mornings
Dreaming of my girl.
All that time wasted,
Merely passing through,
Time I could have spent
So content
Wasting time with you.

Too many mornings
Wishing that the room might be filled with you.
Morning to morning,
Turning into days.

All the days that I thought would never end,
All the nights with another day to spend.
All those times I'd look up to see
Sally standing at the door
Sally moving to the bed,
Sally resting in my arms
With her head against my head.

[spoken] If you don't kiss me, Ben, I think I'm going to die.

How I planned:
What I'd wear tonight and
When should I get here,
How should I find you,
Where I'd stand,
What I'd say in case you didn't remember.
How I'd remind you--
You remembered.
And my fears were wrong!
Was it ever real?
Did I ever love you this much?
Did we ever feel
So happy then?


It was always real...
I should have worn green...
And I've always loved you this much...
I wore green the last time...
We can always feel this happy...
The time I was happy...

Too many mornings
Wasted in pretending I reach for you.
How many mornings
Are there still to come?

How much time can we hope that there will be?
Not much time, but it's time enough for me.
If there's time to look up and see
Sally standing at the door,
Sally moving to the bed,
Sally resting in my (your) arms,
With your (my) head against my (your) head.

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