19 June 2007

Link of the day: The Hawaiian way of dividing up the life pie

Managing with Aloha suggests the following way to dividing up your time into broad categories.
  • 10% ‘Opala ‘ole
  • 70% Ho‘ohana
  • 20% ‘Ike loa

You should look at the post yourself, but here's my read of these mysterious Hawaiian phrases. ‘Opala ‘ole is cleaning, administration, being organized. I estimate that I spend about 2 hours a day on that sort of thing, so if I assume a 16 hour day, the 10% number seems about right. ‘Ike loa is learning new stuff. For me, that would include reading books, reading blogs, learning computer stuff, traveling, hanging out with friends. Unfortunately, the majority of my ‘Ike loa is currently reading blogs. I need to work on that. I'm not exactly sure about the Ho‘ohana category. Supposedly, these are the activities you love. I'm not passionate about going to the gym, but it does help me play hockey better (hockey is a passion). What about eating? What category is that? I don't really enjoy meals so much that I would count them as a passion. Eating takes up 3 hours a day.

I guess this division of time doesn't quite work for me. But the idea is intriguing. I should come up with my own way to divide the life pie.

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