02 June 2007

Parkour and geriatric1927

I'm not hip with Youtube, but I learned of a few interesting trends via the New York Times (alas, most of my cultural knowledge comes from the New York Times these days). First, there is an urban phenomenon called parkour. It looks like a cross between gymnastics, martial arts, and dance. Common parkour movements are jumping off roofs and flipping over hand rails. It looks really awesome. I've always been intrigued by the idea of treating urban landscape like nature. At my undergrad institution, we had a huge lobby with two tall pedestal-like platforms. One day, I found a friend sitting up there, doing homework. So, after that, I took to climbing on top and enjoying some crowd watching. Here's a photo of the pedestal:

Second, an "old British guy" named Peter Oakley (username: geriatric1927) decided to talk about himself on Youtube. I think oral history is wonderful. Imagine if our elders made podcasts themselves instead of waiting for people to interview them for research or documentary purposes. We would save so much more history and have instant access to it, too!

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