01 August 2007

Email folder re-organization

I thought I was an e-mail ninja (to use the words of Merlin Mann), but then I realized that I had too many email folders. I had something like 25 folders when really I could consolidate them into a smaller number and just search them. I don't actually look at my old email very often. So now, my work email uses the following folders: admin, colleagues, cqed, family, ffiles, friends, physics. admin is just anything related to administration like correspondence with administrative staff, housing, financial stuff, etc. colleagues is correspondence with senior people (e.g. professors). family is correspondence with family, and friends is correspondence with anyone who is not a colleague or family. cqed is research, ffiles is emails about the Fisher Files. physics is emails about science which are not related to research. I think 7 folders is as detailed as I need to get.

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