16 August 2007

qmechanic OS 2.0 and productivity suite 1.0

About a year or two ago, I remember reading a Steve Pavlina post where he made the following analogy:
My beliefs and attitude were the operating system (OS). And my thoughts (including those which directed my actions) were software programs. The software runs on top of the OS which runs on top of the hardware.

At the time, I thought it was hilarious to think of yourself as a computer. But nowadays I take the idea more seriously.
I would say that my OS (operating system) is at version 2.0. I made it from birth through college with pretty much the same values and attitude (OS 1.0). Grad school and various life events caused upheaval (new people, new expectations, new environment, parental problems). So I was forced to "upgrade" to OS 2.0.
As for software, I would consider my work on lifehacks to be "productivity suite 1.0". I'm pretty pleased with it in general. My one complaint is that I haven't found a good bedtime routine which helps me fall asleep. I guess I will work on fixing that in version 1.x!

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