06 October 2007

Internet lockdown

There are times when I just can't seem to stop surfing the web. I've finally figured out a way that I can still be connected to the internet and not waste time zoning out on the web.

My approach is two-pronged. First, I use a program called Temptation Blocker to turn off access to Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, and all other browsers except for Firefox. Now the only browser I can use is Firefox. (If I'm really desperate, I can turn off Temptation Blocker, but I have to enter a 32 character string.) For Firefox, I have installed an add-on called Leech Block. The user can enter the domain names of websites into Leech Blocker's options. These websites will be blocked. Examples of websites I have blocked are hockey sites, news sites like the New York Times, and Facebook.

Naturally, I could just turn off all this software. But it provides enough of a deterrent to work. If I regress to doing something I'm not supposed to, the software slows me down long enough for my discipline (what little I have) to kick in.

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