19 October 2008

October 19 game recap vs Storrs Lady Lightning

Score: 4-0 loss
Opposition: They were much faster than us and capitalized on our lackadaisical first period play. I think they scored 3 goals in the first period and 1 in the second period.
Team performance: We were clearly out-of-shape. We need to work on our conditioning. The coach told us that we need to cover the ice evenly on the forecheck so we don't get killed on odd-man rushes the other way. We had a tendency for the three forwards to either bunch up on one side or all converge on the puck. Our team did play much better in the second and third periods.

My performance: I think I played pretty well for the first game of the season. Working out over the summer really helped my conditioning and I felt strong through the first two periods. I didn't hit the wall until my last shift of the third period. I started off the game skating on the left wing with Alison playing center and Rose playing right wing. It was fun playing with Alison because her speed gave me room. I had one semi-breakaway with her where I shot on net. Alison fed me a nice pass from behind the net and I got off a nice one-timer. Unfortunately, it hit the goalie right in the chest. Somewhere in the middle of the first period, our coach decided to put Alison on another line to spark our offense. Then I played with Linda at center and Rose at right wing. Linda and I had at least two good scoring chances. During one play, the puck squirted into the offensive zone and I had a one-on-one fight with the defenseman for the puck. Somehow we both fell down and Linda ending up trying to shoot on net. Later on in the third period, Melissa looked tired, so the coach had me switch with Melissa so that she could have an extra shift to rest. I played with Moie at center and KC at right wing for the rest of the game. I remember making a nice defensive play. We were trying to break out of the zone and the puck came around the boards on my wing. The opposing defenseman tried to stop the puck. I pushed my stick blade forward like a poke check and simply charged through. I think I had a semi-breakaway and made the defenseman look really stupid. Awesome play. I have to do that more often.

I said all these good things about myself. I did notice that I had trouble handling the puck when it came into my skates. That happened at least twice and the opposing team just took the puck away from me. I'll have to work on that.

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