16 November 2008

16 November game recap vs Salisbury Stingers

Score: 5-0 win
Opposition: They weren't very skilled or good at skating, but they were well-taught in poke checking and being general pests. Unfortunately, the referee wasn't interested in calling penalties against their rough play. The lower-level of this team was a good opportunity for our team to execute the skills we've learned at practice.
Team performance: We had a really strong lineup for this game, and I think everyone played well. There was some nice passing, though the coach complained that our breakouts were a bit weak. Two players scored two goals... so close to a hat trick.

My performance: I played left wing on a line with Grace at center and Mary at right wing. I wasn't entirely pleased with my game, but in my defense, I was feeling a bit tired and didn't have my usual energy. I had one really lousy shift in the second period where I just hit the wall and struggled to get off the ice. I got tired easily battling for the puck along the boards. That's usually a strength for me, but I just didn't have the energy for those battles tonight. I felt like I had some trouble with the breakouts. The opponents had good anticipation on the forecheck and I wasn't good at finding an open spot. The good things I did. I had one nice shot on net (I even lifted the puck) and I made a great poke check while on the forecheck. I don't think the opposing player was expecting me to get the puck away from her. I also pulled another "skate through the puck along the boards" move. That always catches motionless defensemen off-guard. When I pull one of these moves, I always have a good feeling that I'm going to get the puck. So I rammed through the defenseman and went through her stick, but I lost sight of the puck. I think it popped into the air and bounced off my chest. Anyhow, I got the puck down deep into the attacking zone.

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