01 October 2011

Link of the day: Hacking your own job

Michael Ellsberg wrote a fantastic essay explaining how to become a self-made freelancer. Summary of the essay:
  • Something like 80% of jobs are obtained through networking, not resume dropping.
  • You can't "hack" the credential oriented jobs like being a doctor or lawyer, but you can hack all other jobs (side step formal credential requirements) by reading books, talking to people, networking.
  • There are many successful people who have pulled off this hack through self-discipline and devotion to learning on their own.
  • This post outlines a plan on how you can achieve success without formal credentials.
But what I like most about the essay is that it alludes to the American ethos of the self-made man:
Most people who drop out of school also drop out of learning... However, there are people who drop out of formal education, while still maintaining an absolute passion and discipline for learning—informally, non-institutionally, in the real world... I’ve interviewed almost 40 millionaire and billionaires, all self-made, and none of them finished college. In interviewing them, I was consistently struck by one thing they all had in common: a complete lack of regard for socially-sanctioned formal “requirements” for bringing success into their lives.

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