26 June 2008

Gym program

My current gym program is the following.

Monday: Legs and Core
Tuesday: Run on treadmill
Wednesday: Upper body and Core
Thursday: Run on treadmill
Friday: Legs and Upper body

Squat 3x8 [25 lb]
Deadlift 3x8 [25 lb]
Leg curl 3x8 [37.5 lb]
Calf raises 3x8 [75 lb]
Hip abduction 3x8 [25 lb]
Hip adduction 3x8 [25 lb]
Rotary hip [37.5 lb], all four directions, both legs 2x8

Upper body
Bench press 3x8 [45 lb]
Dumbbell flys 3x8 [2 x 5 lb]
Assisted pullups 3x8 [-60 lb]
Tricep pushdowns on cable [setting 4]
Bicep/hammer curl 3x8 [2 x 10 lb]
Dumbbell press 3x8 [2 x 5 lb]
Lateral raise 3x8 [10 lb]
Wrist curls 3x8 [2 x 3 lb]
Reverse wrist curls 3x8 [2 x 3 lb]

Leg raises 3x8 [body weight]
Trunk rotation 3x8 [37.5 lb]
Lateral pull down 3x8 [37.5 lb]
Seated row 3x8 [25 lb]
Back extension 3x8 [37.5 lb]
Dumbbell shrug 3x8 [2 x 7.5 lb]

Bicycle crunch 3x? [body weight]

I always fail on Friday, because I don't want to be in the gym for 2.5 hours lifting both legs and upper body. The current schedule is really hard because I lift for anywhere between 1.5-2 hours on alternate days and run just 15 minutes on the intervening days.

To even things up, I'm changing to the following schedule.

Monday: Upper body and treadmill
Tuesday: Legs and bicycle crunch
Wednesday: Core and treadmill
Thursday: Upper body and treadmill
Friday: Legs and bicycle crunch

By changing from a three-day split to a five-day split, I can do 1.25 hours each day, which will hopefully make for a happier workout!

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