24 June 2008

Mark Bell, troubled Maple Leaf

Since I'm a San Jose Sharks fan, I have followed the case of Mark Bell, a former San Jose Sharks player who was traded from Chicago to San Jose in 2006 before he was consequently traded to Toronto in 2007. Shortly before he was scheduled to report to training camp in San Jose, he was arrest for a drunk driving accident and for fleeing the scene of the crime. Consequently, Bell was suspended for 15 games from the 2007-2008 NHL season and sentenced to six months in prison. Ironically, Ron Wilson (Sharks head coach from 2002 to 2008) was just fired by the Sharks and hired a few weeks ago by the Maple Leafs. Here's what he said about Mark Bell:
Do I think Mark Bell can help? That is hard to say, Mark has gone through a ton in the last couple of years. Obviously he ran into problems before we ever really got to know him in San Jose. It made that year difficult. That is hard to say. That is something we have to sit down with Mark Bell and see where he is. I have coached a lot of guys, and Mark has paid the price and shown remorse, paying his debt to society if you will. He has been a true professional. At some point, I may be able to finish moving from out in San Jose, be able to sit down with Mark and have a long talk with him to see where he is at in his life and his career. He has to worry about his life first, not Mark Bell the hockey player.
I think the key point is that Bell has to worry about his life first, not his career. If he can fix his personal life, the career will come.

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