09 August 2008

Championship round of summer co-ed rec league

For the first time in four years of playing summer co-ed rec league, my team made the championship game! The standings were pretty tight this year. The #1 seeded team had 12 points, three teams including ours tied for 10 points, followed by two teams which tied for 9 points.

All six teams played in the playoffs. The first round was a two game series with the tie-breaker being a shootout. In the first round, we split the series with the #1 seeded team, so we went to the shootout. It was a 5 shooter sequence and we won it in dramatic fashion 2-1 (shootout score, not game score). Despite the fact that the #1 seed lost, they still advanced to the next round because they were the loser with the highest seed.

In the second round, we played a really tough game with only 9 skaters. Our star player managed to score two goals and we carried a 2-1 lead into the third period. We spent the last period mostly in our defensive zone, frantically trying to fend off attacks. Our goalie wasn't too talented, but he managed to cover the puck during scrums in front of the net. To top things off, one of our defensemen broke a thumbnail in the second period and had to leave. So we were down to 8 skaters... but we hung on for the win! So next, we will be playing in the championship game. It will be rematch with the #1 seed.

I don't take summer hockey too seriously, but it is a nice, small achievement to make the championship. I'm proud to say that my team works hard and lately we have been playing to our full potential... which is why we have been winning.

The weightlifting I've been doing has really helped my power and speed but I ran out of energy in the second period of the last game. I guess I need to do more cardio!

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