08 August 2008

Motivation mix

Here's the upbeat Rhapsody playlist I use to lift my mood and motivate me through mind blocks.
  1. "The devil went down to Georgia" performed by Charlie Daniels
  2. "The old apartment" performed by Barenaked Ladies
  3. "Falling for the first time" performed by Barenaked Ladies
  4. "Get out of my mind" performed by Hootie and the Blowfish
  5. "Einstein on the beach (for an eggman)" performed by Counting Crows
  6. "Homecoming" performed by Green Day
  7. "Run-Around" performed by Blues Traveler
  8. "ABC" performed by The Jackson 5
  9. "Ain't nobody here but us chickens" performed by Louis Jordan & his Tympany Five
  10. "La vie boheme" written by Jonathan Larson
  11. "Take me or leave me" written by Jonathan Larson
  12. "Tom Dooley" performed by Rob Ickes
  13. "Ode to a butterfly" performed by Nickel Creek
  14. "House of Tom Bombadil" performed by Nickel Creek
  15. "Cuckoo's nest" performed by Nickel Creek
  16. "The fox" performed by Nickel Creek
  17. "Stumptown" performed by Nickel Creek
  18. "Scotch and chocolate" performed by Nickel Creek
  19. "A love like that" performed by Alan Jackson
  20. "My next thirty years" performed by Tim McGraw
  21. "It's a great day to be alive" performed by Travis Tritt
I choose the songs for the upbeat music, not the lyrics. In fact, some of the songs are depressing or contemplative if you listen to the words. I usually don't focus on the words when I listen to music. I take that back; I do listen to the words of the last three country songs because they have personal meaning for me.

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