12 December 2008

8 December game recap vs Rose City Warriors

Score: 3-0 loss
Opposition: They were significantly better than us. The coach dropped us back into a defensive, 1-2-2 forecheck.
Team performance: I think we played really well, better than the 7 December game against the Ice Breakers. Our opponents were tough and we hung with them, so the loss was nothing to be ashamed about. The coach was very unhappy with the referee, saying that he wasn't calling anything.

My performance: I played much better this game. I got mentally focused beforehand and I was determined to do better than the previous day's game. In general, I played a kamikaze, edgy game, which is when I'm at my best. I felt like I was skating fast and hard to knock off my skates. Around the second period, I started to have some nice breakouts. I realized that if I anticipated the breakout quick enough, I could swivel my head back for a quick look as the puck came up the boards. Then when I actually got the puck I knew whether I had time to skate it up or if I had to get rid of it fast. Instead of screwing up and accidentally icing the puck, I bounced the puck off the boards around the defender in a controlled way, so that I was able to enter the attacking zone with the puck on my stick. I also tried to stand around the crease but kept getting shoved away by the defenseman. The coach was livid about that, saying this tactic was illegal. She suggested that next time I should make small circles next to the net, instead of standing still. One time, I did manage to get my stick on a slapshot while standing near the crease, but I didn't do much. I've never really had much talent for deflections. Maybe I should just try to screen the goalie, but I always forget about that.

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