12 January 2009

11 January game recap vs Fighting Saints

Score: 3-1 loss
Opposition: They might have been a little better than us, but we were roughly well-matched.
Team performance: It was easily the worst game I've seen our team play. I watched as our coach became progressively unhappier and unhappier as the game went on. We started poorly and we just couldn't recover. The Saints kept pressing and we kept panicking and losing our composure. It was as if our team lost its collective brain. People threw the puck away constantly. Our coach told us that we should have lost 10-0 or more if it weren't for our goaltender.

My performance: I did pretty well (methinks). I've been having problems with exercise-induced asthma lately, so I played a more conservative game than usual. This time I played left wing with Fran on the right and either Allison or Miriam as center. I think that helped me because I had more energy when it counted. I had a nice idea to redirect Allison's shot on goal. I also had a nice rush up the left boards. I got a shot off at goal. Too bad Fran wasn't quite able to get the rebound. On the forecheck in the last two minutes of the game, I charged the defenseman with the puck and picked it up. As I was battling for the puck behind the net, I think I drew a penalty. The bad. I skated over the puck one or two times. Mary thought I might have been thinking too far ahead. I also need to do a better job of backchecking on odd-man rushes if I'm one of the first players back. Sometimes the center or second defenseman can't get back in time and I need to fill-in.

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