21 January 2009

18 January game recap vs Northern CT Edge

My memory is weak on this game, so bear with me.

Score: 4-1
Opposition: They were definitely better than us, but not completely out of our league.
Team performance: We did better than our previous (horrific) game. Our coach had the game videotaped, so we could discuss it later in a team meeting.

My performance: I played well. I seem to get better with every game and the asthma is completely gone. A new thing I tried, on the recommendation of the coach, was to drink a lot of water the three days before the game. I played on a line with Denise and Allison for most of the game. In my first shift, on the attack, I took the puck clockwise around the net and sent a Wayne Gretzy-type pass through two defenders onto Denise's stick. She got a shot on net and Allison was even there for the rebound, though she didn't get her stick on it. Amazing! Probably pure luck, though. I remember getting a nice pass to Denise, though maybe I should have skated it up. I didn't really think about. I just saw Denise and passed to her. Next time, I should check the positions of the opposing players. I also had a nice shift where I was trying to break out on the left board. The puck came around the boards and I lost the puck to the defenseman. But I stayed with her and even though I was a step behind, I lifted her stick and got the puck away. The coach was pleased. She's been trying to get our team to lift sticks for ages. I drew two penalties (though one I'm not completely sure about). In one instance, I was charging into the offensive zone with the puck and somehow got an arm in the head. I thought the penalty was for roughing or interference, but Trudy thought it was tripping. No concussion, though my neck was sore for two days from the whiplash.

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