21 May 2006

Steve Pavlina on personal growth

I've found a new favorite personal productivity website along with 43Folders and Lifehacker. It's run by Steve Pavlina who is self-employed in the business of personal growth.

Here are some articles I enjoyed (progressing from practical to spiritual): "Self-Discipline", "Overcoming Procrastination", "Triple Your Personal Productivity", "Environmental Reinforcement of Your Goals", "Are Your Friends An Elevator Or A Cage?", "Living Your Values", "Self Acceptance vs. Personal Growth", "The Meaning of Life"

Most of the material wasn't news to me. I had either figured it out myself or read about it somewhere. I did learn a few interesting ideas:
  • Compile a values list.
  • Imagine all the different lives you could have.
  • What is your true purpose?
  • Separate your identity from your growth. (e.g. In my case, I should avoid putting all my identity and self-esteem on being a physicist)
  • Use will power in short, powerful bursts when you need to make major changes. Then use habit/routine to automate it so you don't have to use much willpower. Save your will power for important stuff since it is exhausting to use it all the time. (I once used my will power continuously to get through a very difficult, estended period and ended up burning out shortly afterwards.)

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