29 September 2007

Ask a Scientist

I helped out with the Girls' Science Investigations program today. It's an outreach program run by a woman Yale physics professor. We spend a day teaching girls about some interesting aspect of physics. Today our topic was the electromagnetic spectrum and observing charged particles in bubble chambers.

At the end of the day, the girls wrote down questions on notecards and the chairwoman Meg Urry (an astrophysicist) answered the questions.

Here are a few of the more humorous questions:
1. How do you have sex? (Meg said that the girls were too young to know the answer.)
2. What is string theory?
3. How much pressure do you have to put on someone's nose before it explodes?
4. Do physicists have real fun? (I noticed that Meg Urry completely avoided that question.)
5. I like chicken. How does it help your body?

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