23 September 2007

My sister insisted that I watch this video of a lecture (available here) given by a Carnegie Mellon professor, Randy Pausch.

The basic backstory is that Randy has just a few months to live because he is dying for cancer and so he is giving his "last lecture" in which he tries to tell people what is most important to him. The lecture is about all his childhood dreams, how he achieved most of them, and what lessons he learned along the way. Of course, it's really sad that he's dying, but the cool stuff is all the work he did on virtual reality and using entertainment technology to teach children how to program. I also really like how he talked about multiple failures he had in life and how he got around them. For instance, he was not admitted to his undergraduate or graduate
institution but ended up getting into both! For those of you who wonder how you can help people despite being a professor, watch this video.

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