18 September 2007

Sick of selfishness and self-importance

I thought I'd use this blog post to complain. I'm tired of people who are self-absorbed. I feel like most of the people I talk to just automatically launch into what's important in their lives. They don't even bother to let me into the conversation. I'm tired of everyone being too busy and constant scheduling (although I have to say that I sometimes use the excuse of being "busy" too). Nowadays, if you ask someone for their time, they mentally scan their schedule and decide whether you're worth their time. These are people who are just in school, behaving like CEOs. I understand that everyone is busy, but I don't like being treated like a number in a queue. I'm tired of people who treat email like junk mail. They don't respond timely; sometimes they don't even respond at all. Well, I don't treat email like junk mail. I put time and thought into what I write. Maybe I just start sending people written letters instead. I'm tired of parents who treat their children like investments. I understand that in modern society, families only have 1-2 children and spend a lot of money on them. But children shouldn't be expected to turn around and pay interest or face constant emotional guilt-tripping. The point of having children is to raise emotionally healthy, independent adults.

Maybe I'll just move to a small town or move to a cabin in the mountains.

On a side note, one of my friends sent me an article about cheating in school from the San Francisco Chronicle magazine. Pretty depressing.

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