16 February 2009

15 Feb game recap vs Shelton Lady Tigers

Score: 2-2 tie
Opposition: We played the Shelton Lady Tigers. Sandy plays both with our team and the Lady Tigers, but I guess she must like them better than us because she played with them for this game! (Our coach kept yelling during the game "Hit Number 40! Hit Number 40!") Shelton wasn't as good as us. They had probably three really good players, but we had just as many and we were more skilled overall. The tie was really due to some unlucky goals and stellar goaltending by our opponent. The first goal was due to the fact that our goaltender was late and we had to play a sixth skater in the net. The second goal was scored when we were hanging onto a 2-1 lead with 9 seconds left. I have no idea how they scored, but I'm told that it was a lucky bounce.
Team performance: Our coach was very happy with our play and I agree. We had a ton of shots on net and some good passes.

My performance: I felt kind of off before the game. I wasn't really in the mood to play and it showed. I still did pretty well, but not as well as I could have. I played with Melissa and Liz S. for a period before I was switched to playing with Allison and Anne. I had some good chemistry with Allison. I crossed the red line on the attack and noticed Allison crossing my path. I drop passed to her, she picked it up and we went into the zone together. It was a nice play. I think I had two breakaways. Unfortunately, my shots were pathetic. I need to have a strategy on the breakaway. I try to shoot from too close. If I get in that close, I should go for the deke. On a breakout, I also drew a checking penalty. I have no idea why the girl decided to hit me.

I had a great scoring opportunity on the forecheck. The puck was dumped at the goalie and I skated after it with a defenseman trailing me. The goalie came out to handle the puck and dropped it behind the net (probably because I was so close, she couldn't throw it forward without risking bouncing it off me). I grabbed the puck and realized that I had the perfect wrap-around opportunity since I was a lefty. The goalie and defenseman scrambled to cover and we all ended up colliding and knocking the net off its post. I sprained my knee on the play and I wasn't really the same after that. I was pretty tired by that point and the fact that I couldn't push off my right leg quite right didn't help.

The coach had lots of criticism for me. I don't know why, but she seems to pay a lot of attention to me (mostly a good thing). She was unhappy about me gliding to the bench on a line change. I got distracted somehow and spaced out. She also told me that on one play, I was wasting time lifting an opponent's stick instead of going for the puck. I'm still confused about that play because I don't know what she was referring to. Then towards the end of the game, she got mad at me for changing when the puck was in our defensive zone. I feel like it was a borderline decision. I was playing wing on the bench side and our team had possession, so it didn't seem that bad. Hmm, well, at least the coach was happy about the checking penalty I drew.

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