08 February 2009

8 February game recap vs Simsbury Mother Ducks

Score: 7-1
Opposition: The Mother Ducks were much slower and less skilled than us. We could have easily run up the score against them. I'm guessing they were a team of mothers?? They didn't lack for effort though. When we slacked off, they got into our zone a few times.
Team performance: We were really sluggish in the first period probably due to our last two practices being cancelled. We played better in the later periods. We had a few good breakouts, but not as many as the coach would have liked.

My performance: The coach played in our game, due to lack of a full roster. That meant that I could actually hear her comments during the game. She enjoys yelling a lot. The first comment was that I was too high on the breakout. I was near the point instead of the hash marks. I suppose she was right. Our opponents weren't pinching in, so there was no need to be high. The second comment was that not to leave my feet so much. I sometimes engage in dramatic behavior -- diving to knock pucks away, etc. I don't think I do it too often, but it does get me pumped up a bit and I think that helps my game.

In general, I was pretty conservative because I hadn't skated much in the last week and I wasn't used to the hard ice. The rink was "outdoors" (not completely enclosed), but I didn't have any problems because the ice was good and the temperature was fairly warm. I played with Melissa and Mary. After the second period ended in our favor 6-1, the coach switched Melissa with Fran. I had a nice assist on Melissa's goal. We actually had a 3-0 attack on that play, so the goaltender really had no chance. I was pretty good around the net. I took a swipe at a rebound on one knee (unfortunately, missing the puck). I think I also screened a shot from the point by our coach, which scored. I was decent at picking up breakouts off the boards but my passing was non-existent or crappy. At the end of the game, I was winded, which was surprising to me, considering how much we were dominating the game. I forgot to take my inhaler, so maybe that was it.

My aunt and uncle were able to attend the game and I was happy that they got to see us win.

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