28 February 2009

Link of the day: shirt.woot

I like the t-shirt site Threadless but most of their designs are too hippy for my taste. Recently, I discovered a new site called shirt.woot which is similar in principle (people submit designs and the most popular ones are printed). The site is a little different than Threadless in that t-shirts are continually printed as long as they are in the top 20 most popular designs. Each week, there is a "day of reckoning" when the shirts that fall off the top 20 list stop being made. Also, rather than having random designs, a weekly design contest with theme ("the derby") is held. Some recent themes were "the sea," "exercise," and "individualism." I think the creative restriction results in better designs. I find that I like shirt.woot designs much better than the Threadless designs. Some designs I like are "Sun Wukong" and "Some motivation required."

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