20 May 2007

Drawn like moths to computer code

This post is inspired by the following comment by Peter Fisher in Episode 4: To Do:
All of us just love to write computer code and kind of associate this macho feeling -- this is how much code I wrote; I stayed up all night and wrote all this code.

I wouldn't necessarily put it that way. I think writing code just falls into a more general category of things you can do that often seem more productive than they really are. Unless you are writing a really complicated program, you can get the result immediately. It is human nature to love instant feedback/gratification (e.g. instant messaging, cell phoning, etc). On the other hand, if your life really sucks, sometimes it is useful just to write some code or solder some wires. Beware of falling into the trap of doing busy work when you could be coming up with real ideas! The time you spend trying to get somewhere is as valuable (or more valuable) than the time you spend grinding.

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