30 May 2007

Living it up at university without the stress

I was both amused and shocked at the revelation of a Stanford freshman imposter.

I won't comment on whether one should regard the event as merely humorous, reflective of our brand-obsessed culture, or a scandalous security violation. But I will say one thing. I have fantasized about all the fun things I could do at my undergrad university if I didn't have classes and stress pouring out of my ears. I had a plan for pulling it off, too. I was going to stay in my co-op (you don't have to be a student to stay there) and "hobo" it at various classes (asking professors I knew for permission). I would go to parties and campus club activities. I guess maybe this is why people in Europe take a gap year to travel. I probably should and would have done that if it weren't for parental pressure. Well, my parents were wrong. All you stressed out undergrads/high school students... take a year off between moving schools!

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