17 March 2008

Color blind friendly presentations

Today, at group meeting, the presenter showed a plot in red, green, and yellow. Apparently, this combination of colors has the most contrast for normal people. But color-blind people, like the postdoc I work with, really struggle with a plot like that.

I searched for some information about presentations for color blind people and found a great article by two Japanese researchers who are themselves color blind.

Here are some interesting points:
  • If you have a red-green color plot, change the red to magenta. Magenta is a combination of blue and red, so color blind people will be able to see the blue part.
  • It is easier for color blind people to see green laser pointers than red laser pointers (same is true for normal people, too!)
  • Fig 16 of the article shows a good color palette that is clear to people of all color-seeing types (whether normal, red color blind, green color blind, etc).

The article is available for download in PDF and Powerpoint.

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