30 March 2008

March 30 game recap vs South Windsor Saints

We lost 5-1. Our coach got mad at us for a slow first period start. I don't feel like I did anything wrong, but our team got jumped on for four goals in the first period. I shot twice (one wide of the net and one that was saved by the goalie's stick). Miriam was my center and Linda was my right winger. We played decently in my opinion. Miriam and I were good at supporting each other when one of us was stuck on the boards with the puck. I tried my usual dumping-the-puck-behind-the-net routine and it worked pretty well with Linda. She read the situation and usually ended up with the puck. I clearly remember one situation where the center and I battled a defender for the puck behind the net. I emerged with the puck and saw Linda who was open for a one-timer. Then I glanced at the ice and saw three sticks and couldn't figure out which one to pass to... doh!

I think the main problem with our offensive game (my line) was that we couldn't sustain pressure long enough to get shots and rebound shots. But we tried our best. South Windsor was very good at winning faceoffs in our defensive zone and their point was so quick at getting shots off that I just couldn't get there in time. I'm not sure what I could do other than diving at the puck. Overall, I played a good game, but I ran out of gas by mid-third period. I haven't had time to keep in shape, so it's not surprising.

South Windsor was a good passing team and they had a few players who were very good puck handlers. But as our coach said, they were not good enough to be beating us by 5-1.

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