10 March 2008

March 9 game recap vs Salisbury Stingers

Our team had a rough loss 7-1. It shouldn't have been that bad, but our team just didn't play very well. Salisbury had a couple of players who were fast skaters and talented puckhandlers. Their whole game consisted of getting breakaways with these players and then bunkering down in our defensive zone. For whatever reason, our team wasn't very aggressive so we had a lot of trouble breaking out. I played a pretty good game. I had a few good breakouts, but I also threw a pass behind my teammate when she came into the slot and forgot to look across to the weak side when passing. I had one nice breakaway where I surprised the opposing team and ended up near the side of the net surrounded by four opposing players. They didn't really pressure me, so I passed to an incoming teammate who had a good shot on net. I sometimes made the mistake of watching the opposing players attack the net instead of paying attention to my defensive responsibilities. Our line gave up a goal when we watched the play develop instead of picking up the trailing player who of course converted the rebound.

I'm really starting to like my new stick. It's a CCM Vector Catapult 10.0, Recchi pattern. The square blade really helps me pick up pucks off the boards and the pattern isn't too long or overly curved, so I can stickhandle well. The blade also cushions passes very well, so I have an easy time receiving the puck.

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