30 March 2008

Song of the day: "All I need is the girl" by Jules Styne and Stephen Sondheim

Finally, a song not composed by Stephen Sondheim! Sondheim wrote the lyrics, but Jules Styne wrote the notes. Mostly, I like this song because it's an old-fashioned Broadway song, the kind of style no one writes anymore.

From Gypsy
Once my clothes were shabby,
Tailors called me "Cabbie,"
So I took a vow
Said "This bum'll
Be Beau Brummel."
Now I'm smooth and snappy,
Now my tailor's happy,
I am the cat's meow,
My wardrobe is a wow!
Paris silk! Harris tweed!
There's only one thing I need...

Got my tweed pressed,
Got my best vest,
All I need now is the girl.
Got my striped tie,
Got my hopes high,
Got the time and the place, and I got rhythm
Now all I need's the girl to go with'em!
If she'll
Just appear, we'll
Take this big town for a whirl
And if she'll only say, "My
Darling, I'm yours," I'll throw away my
Striped tie and my best-pressed tweed
All I really need
Is the girl!

[speaking] I start off easy... Now I'm more -- debonair... Break! And I sell it here... I start this step -- double it -- and she appears! All in white! I take her hand -- kiss it -- and lead her on the floor... This step's good for the costumes... Now we waltz. Strings come in. And I lift her! ... Again... Once more! Now the tempo changes; all the lights come up; and I build for the finale! That's it, Louise! But do it over here! Give me your hand! Faster! Now Charleston right! Again! Again! Turn!

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