12 July 2008

USA Hockey rules - Crease rule and faceoffs

Just a few reminders to myself.

if the puck is not in the goal crease, the attacking player may not enter the goal crease.

On face-offs, the attacking player puts his/her stick down first unless the face-off is on the center red line. In that case, the visiting team player puts his/her stick down first.

The sticks of both players facing-off should have the blade on the ice in contact with the nearest white area of the face-off spot. For red face-off dots, this is the white crescent area of the dot. For blue dots, I assume you put your blade right outside the dot.

If there is no dot on the face-off, the players should be one stick length apart.

The players facing off need to stand square to the opponent's side of the rink.

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