22 July 2008

Hello audience!

I checked my Feedburner account and apparently I have 10 subscribers to my blog's RSS feed. As far as I know, the only people who read my blog regularly are my sister, my officemate, and a productivity guy I met online. So who are all the rest of you?

I started this blog so I could record my thoughts and feel less lonely. I think of the World Wide Web as an imaginary audience I'm writing for, so I have to maintain a certain level of coherence and quality (just like the writers who imagine writing for a brother or sister). I've given out my blog URL to a lot of friends, so maybe some of my friends are stopping here? Or people who are interested in the stuff I wrote on the Fisher Files and GTD?

Now I feel a little embarrassed. People actually care about the drivel I write even though I'm clearly talking to myself? I guess that's kind of nice. If you feel like it, drop me a line or some feedback. Tell me who you are. My contact information can be found here.

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