07 July 2008

Goal celebration ideas

I've been watching YouTube videos of hockey goal celebrations. There are some great ideas which I will list here. They go start from classic technique and progress towards higher and higher risk of getting an unsportman-like conduct penalty.
  1. Raise your stick high above your head.
  2. Jump into your teammate's arms.
  3. Glove bump your teammates.
  4. Drop down on one knee and do a fist pump.
  5. Glide on one skate and do a fist pump.
  6. Spin around while you skate forward.
  7. Shoulder check/jump into the glass.
  8. Do a butt slide.
  9. Make snow angels.
  10. High step, knees high.
  11. Jump up and down, both skates in the air.
  12. Sprint down the ice, drop to your knees, and pump your fists.
  13. Skate by your team's bench and glove bump everyone on the bench.
  14. Sprint down the ice, fall down, and swim freestyle with your arms.
  15. Slide on your butt and use your stick to row kayak-style.
  16. Drop down on the ice and do pushups.
  17. Lie down on your back and bench press your stick.
  18. Take a bow.
  19. Go up to your assisting teammate, drop on one knee, and propose to him/her.
  20. Knight your teammate.
  21. Sheathe your stick like a sword and salute.
  22. Play air guitar on your stick.
  23. Blow a kiss.
  24. Kiss your teammate.
  25. Pretend to faint and resist your teammates's attempts to wake you up.
  26. Throw one glove into the air and shoot at it with your stick machine gun style.
  27. Line up your teammates and shoot them with your stick. They all fall down as you shoot them.
  28. Mime pulling an arrow from your back and shooting it with your stick as a bow.
  29. Pose for a picture with one teammate and have another teammate mime shooting the photo.
  30. Have your teammates escort you back to the bench like bodyguards.
  31. Go up to the glass, breathe on it to fog it up, and sign your name on it.
  32. Put your stick between your legs and ride it like a pony.
  33. Put your skate on your teammate's knee and have him/her shine your boot for you.
  34. Hold your stick by the blade like a cane, put your glove over your eyes, and tap your stick butt on the ice like a blind person.
  35. Fish the puck out of the net, pretend to sign it, and hand it to the goalie.
  36. Grab the goalie's water bottle and spray the goalie.
  37. Lean on the net, and drink from the goalie's water bottle like it's champagne. Hand the bottle back to the goalie.

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