23 July 2008

My wordle

Apparently, it's a fad right now to use Wordle to generate word clouds from text. The more frequent the word, the larger it appears in the word cloud. I input the last 500 posts of my blog (roughly July 2005 - July 2008) minus the footers ("Posted by ..."). Here's the result, with common English words like "the" omitted:

I see that I'm guilty of abusing extraneous words such as "like", "really", and "just" in my prose, but hopefully not in my daily speech! "Time" and "work" are very prominent, which makes sense. I'm glad that my major activities "physics" and "hockey" are also fairly large in font. There's a sense of expectation in the words "will", "want," and "try." Sadly, I don't see "do" or "done" in the cloud. The word cloud is uniformly positive with words like "good", "great", and "nice." The size of the word "people" shows that I'm not a closeted nerd.

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