02 November 2007

Notes on Fisher Files, Sequence II, Episode 2 - Screwed!

Here are my notes on the Fisher Files episode entitled "Screwed!"
  • Stick up for yourself when confronted with a conflict. Don't get walked all over. If you don't deal with the conflict, it becomes emotional baggage later. Not good.
  • One way to resolve a conflict is to talk to the perpetrator. But be careful. First, meet at neutral ground (e.g. tell the person, let's get coffee). Find some way to approach the issue indirectly, rather than attacking the person or forcing the issue. If the person feels relaxed and not-defensive, you are more likely to get his/her real perspective. Keep the conversation from degenerating into a battle. It only gets ugly from there.
  • A good thing to do before you confront the person or the issue is to seek the advice of senior people. They have experience with such matters and take the long-term view.

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