02 November 2007

Notes on Fisher Files, Sequence II, Episode 5 - Travel

Here are my notes on the Fisher Files episode entitled "Travel."
  • Three questions to ask before you travel:
    1. Why are you going?
    2. Do you need to go? (be honest with yourself)
    3. What is the cost?
  • The cost and why travel sucks
    • Count on spending $200/day in addition to plane tickets, hotel costs $120/day and food/transportation costs $80/day
    • Count on losing half a day before and after the trip
    • You will need to reschedule things (e.g. appointments) that you would normally do when you are gone on the trip
    • Airports and airplanes are physically bad for you (bad food, crowded, noisy, bacteria)
    • Uncertainty about when you will get somewhere, waiting time is stressful
  • Ways to make travel better
    • Take a direct flight, minimize time on airplanes
    • Carry-on your luggage and don't check in any luggage if possible
    • Don't forget chargers and adapters for electronic equipment
    • Rent a car; it's much more flexible and reliable than a taxi or public transportation
    • Pay extra $20 for GPS unit if you're in unfamiliar territory
    • Method to fall asleep: count breaths (1 - exhale, 2 - inhale, 3 - exhale, ... , 10 - inhale, repeat)
    • When you get to the hotel, immediately unpack and make yourself at home (hang things up, tidy up)
    • Eat well and sleep well (otherwise you are at high risk for getting sick), Peter likes to carry apples and water
    • Go to the grocery store and pick up some simple food so you can eat what you like, when you like and in non-public places
    • Treat yourself a little; don't be a miser
  • Don't travel at all if you're just exchanging information, use technology like Skype, IM, video conferencing
  • Misc
    • Don't tell your spouse/friend/etc how horrible your trip is going to be and how you don't want to go; tell him/her how important and valuable the trip will be to you
    • Getting tons of work done on the plane (because of no distractions) is a myth
    • Reality is probably: 1/3 time, get work done, 1/3 time, reading or other pleasant task, 1/3 time, just lost time
  • Organization
    • Keep receipts in a zip lock bag while you are traveling
    • Unpack immediately when you get home and take care of travel reimbursements
    • Send thank you notes to people afterwards

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